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The Perfect Gift For Your Father- "To My Father" Whisky Glass Gift Set

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  • GIFT FOR YOUR FATHER FOR ANY OCCASION! This Whisky Set Features a Hand-Crafted innovative Design with the writing: “To My Father – A father is neither an anchor to hold us back, nor a sail to take us there, but a guiding light whose love shows us the way”. Superior and Elegant gift for your wonderful Dad. This gift is suitable for multiple occasions such as Christmas, Birthdays, and Father’s Day.
  • GREAT GIFT SET FOR WHISKY LOVERS - Your Dad can enjoy his favorite drink without the dilution that comes with using ice cubes! GreenCor’s Stainless Steel “Ace of Hearts” stones offer optimal temperature control and do not melt like traditional ice cubes! This set consists of 2x Large Crystal-Cut Glasses (7.5oz), 8x Stainless Steel (Ace of Hearts) Stones, A Velvet Bag, Vintage Slate Coasters with a Sail Boat design applied, and a set of Stainless Steel Tons.
  • ELEGANT CRYSTAL-CUT GLASSES- GreenCor’s Crystal-Cut Whisky Glasses are of the most respected and aesthetically pleasing Whisky glasses being made today. These Crystal-Cut glasses are above and beyond as they have been specifically engineered to enhance characteristics such as maximizing clarity, durability, and fine detailed tuning with regards to the hand-blown etched crystal design. Each glass has a maximum volume capacity of 7.5Oz. These factors create an exceptional drinking experience

  • -25F (ACE OF HEARTS) STONES - Embossed Ace of Hearts Stainless Steel stones are highly effective in chilling your glass of Whisky! These stones are held paramount to traditional granite/ soapstone stones as the stainless-steel material properties heavily outweigh the competition when it comes to holding sub-zero temperatures. These Stones will not dilute your drink with water from melting ice. They are also odorless and tasteless!

  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED– At GreenCor, Customer satisfaction is held paramount to our business. We genuinely care about our customers. Countless hours go into innovation and engineering in our products at GreenCor and we believe if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, GreenCor will supply you a full refund no questions asked! So, shop with confidence and put a smile on that Father of yours face!

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